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ATTAGIRL! is a DJ/Event collective established in 2013 as a passion project with the aim of providing a platform for females in music and art and to empower them in an open and accessible community. Currently run by 4 female DJs (A/K/A, Durio, Fatim and Jaydah) and a visualist (Empyreal), their humble beginnings started with small DJ nights at various venues such as Zouk, Butter Factory, Home Club, etc, choosing to focus on pushing leftfield genres of music and giving a space for aspiring girl DJS and beatmakers to experiment, explore and establish new connections.

They've since collaborated and worked with several entities in promoting this agenda, and their inaugural Anniversary Party in 2015 sparked the tradition of continuing one of the biggest underground nights in Singapore not only by celebrating music, art and women across labels, genres and age, but also giving back to the community via gig proceeds and charity exhibitions.